We often see someone’s thousand-dollar website barely attracts a customer. In contrast, a million-dollar business runs on a website that costs $200 only. Why does it happen? It happens due to a lack of ideas regarding costing and planning.

People barely know which thing on a website attracts them the most, so they don’t know where to spend money. Here we will share all about the WordPress website cost. It’s Because WordPress holds 40% of the total website market.

Moreover, we will discuss every detail of website cost regarding different categories. We will also talk about costing ranges with minimum and maximum prices.

Basic Approach To Build A WordPress Website

Nowadays, creating a website is no big deal. WordPress is suitable for anyone wishing to create their dream website for business, office, or personal use. There are many ways to create a website based on your budget.

PSD to WordPress

It is possible to create a website with a ten-dollar bill. Also, you could find a website that costs around half of a billion. Yes, that’s true.

But before diving into the budget, cost, and expenses discussion, let’s check out the basic approach to building a WordPress website.

Step 1Website Domain nameThis is the identity of a website, which contains the main name. Example – WordPress.com
Step 2Web HostingIt provides facilities to manage clients.
Step 3Web StorageThis is used to store data, files, pictures, etc.
Step 4Website ThemeWe install a theme on the website to make it more reasonable. It controls all the design and features.
Step 5Website PluginsIt contains the features and functions of a website.
Step 6Website SecurityIt guards the database and gives protection against hackers.

There are only 6 steps to building up a website. These 6 steps are divided into groups based on how much money they require. For example, ‘web hosting’ and ‘plugins’ will eat most of your budget. In contrast, ‘domain’ and ‘theme’ will take only a few dollars.

Now let’s calculate website costs. Here we will see how your budget will be distributed among these things.

  1. Domain Name: This is the most important thing for websites. But compared to the rest, it costs the least. Well, here the main problem is not the money. Finding a suitable name will be the main issue.

People barely find a perfect name for their company or business. The pricing depends upon the domain category. Top-tier domains are the most expensive, such as ‘.com’ or ‘.net’. But the rest will be under your budget.

Costing Range: $1 to $12 (per month)

  1. Web Hosting: Hosting is something like the manager of your website. It controls everything. For instance, managing storage, looking after security, and providing service to the visitors.

Costing Range: $20 to $12000 (per month)

  1. Web Storage: The price of web storage depends on storage capacity. You don’t have to waste too much money on short web storage. For example, you need to spend only $5 to $8 for 1GB per month.

However, for 500 MB or 1TB space, you probably should spend $120 to $300. But some web companies usually provide free short storage for their clients.

Costing Range: $0 to $600 (per month)

  1. Web Theme: Theme is the visual representation of a website. The theme is designed based on the website’s genre. Like web storage, website companies also provide free themes for their clients. However, you could find tons of themes in free source websites for your needs.

But to get the most accurate one for your job, you have to buy them.

Costing Range: $0 to $250 (Permanent)

  1. Website Plugins: This thing brings life to a website. It’s software with essential features and additional functions to make the website more meaningful.

Plugins are usually hard to get free. Although you could get some basic plugins for free, that won’t make your job done.

Costing Range: $10 to $900 (Permanent)

  1. Website Security: Security is essential as long as you deal with data, products, or anything related to money. Web security gives you full protection from all sorts of threats. And it will always give you updates about the websites.

So even if your website is not very valuable, you should still get security to avoid unwanted issues.

Costing Range: $40 to $700 (Permanent)

We hope you understand the procedure to build a WordPress website. At this point, either you can hire a professional to manage everything, or you can do it by yourself. Again when you hire a professional, your budget needs to be increased.

But if you take responsibility, you might save a lot of money. Anyway, we will talk about both.

  • Do It Yourself: What do you need to do here exactly? No, you are not going to write code here. According to your work preference, your job would be to make a perfect framework for your website.

It requires finding a name that fits your business, a budget-friendly hosting and theme, and an appropriate security system.

Initially, you can start with the free domain and theme if you want. But you have to buy the hosting, plugins, and security. (the pricing already discussed)

How to buy this stuff? Well, buying hosting, plugins, or themes is not much different from ordering a pizza online. You have to order them and then install them on your WordPress websites.

You can do this by following WordPress instructions. If you think it is hard, you can hire a professional.

  • Hiring a Website Professional: when you hire a professional, you don’t have to do many things. It is up to the professional to do most of the work. You have to mind mapping what you want to see on your websites and then provide instructions.

Your professional will do the rest. The benefits of hiring a professional are that your website will be well organized. Besides, you will learn a lot of things from his actions.

Afterward, you can apply the knowledge to your next project. Anyway, you will have to count $60 to $100 per hour for an expert.

Types of Costs to build a WordPress website

There are a few different types of costs available in making a website. If you are determined to build a website, this part will be extremely beneficial for you. The website cost can be divided into many aspects. But here, we have separated them according to dependent and independent expenses.

Online Cost

This means some expenses which are not dependent upon goods. For example, Domain name, theme, or hosting. We usually call them fixed costs. Whatever website you will make, you have to pay a fixed amount for that depending on its standard.

Similarly, some expenses depend on the service. We called them variable costs. CEO, PPC, event sponsorship, Email can be examples of that.

Fixed Cost: Some users don’t add additional things to their websites. In that case, their variable cost turns zero, and the fixed cost becomes the ultimate cost.

But when you are making a website for a large business, additional features matter. So variable costs play an important role.

Well, let’s see what the Fixed cost of making a website are.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Security
  4. Plugins and themes

Small Website Fixed Cost: Minimum fixed costs for small businesses can be $200 to $220. Depending on the type of website, the cost can increase.

For example, if it’s an e-commerce or entertainment website, then this price will cross $500 very easily.

Large Website Fixed Cost: For a large website, you have to spend a maximum of $1000 to $1500 or even more than that.

If it’s a large company, corporate, or finance website. Then the price will be $5000 to $10000

Variable Cost: This cost is mainly spent on the overall development of the website. As we have mentioned earlier, you could build a website without spending a penny on variable costs.

But that won’t attract visitors that much. For getting enough traffic to your site, you have to work on SEO, Email marketing, Sponsorship, and PPC (pay per click)

Variable costs don’t have any specific range. It depends on your choice and service quality. Just for an idea, you may have to pay more than $5000 if you take the expansive service.

Nonetheless, you can still get your deal done for under $1000.

Maintenance Cost: This cost is for monitoring the website, getting reports, and fixing problems. The maintenance team usually monitors the problem from time to time. They also suggest solutions to the admin.

The cost of maintaining each website varies depending on the category.

  • Personal And Professional Websites: This type of website charges the least among all other categories. You need to spend probably $6 to $120, depending on the service quality.

Here the cost is low because this website is very basic, and there is no traffic. So the server does not get down.

  • Corporate And Entertainment Websites: This type of website requires a high maintenance fee because the traffic increases insanely now and then. So it is pretty hard to control and make the server stable.

Here the cost Range starts from $200 and can go more than $2000.

  • Financial And E-commerce Websites: These websites are extremely hard to manage, especially on some occasions or events. For example, a bank is a financial website. During the initial stage of the month, the traffic increases very quickly.

The same goes for E-commerce sites. These types of websites need a 24/7 monitoring team. That’s why the charge here is quite high.


How much is the small business website cost?

It depends on what type of business it is. If it’s an e-commerce business where customers can order products, then the price will be higher.

On the other hand, if this is a business blog website where you post product information, but no direct buying is involved, it will cost less.

However, for initial knowledge, we can say $500 is the minimum cost for that.

How to calculate pricing of website?

Calculating the price is pretty simple, to be honest. You have to write down what you want to see on your website. What type of service do you preface most.

You need a domain, hosting, theme and plugins, and a security system. Next, choose what type of service you like. Is it a low-end service or a premium one? Then sum up all the prices.

Final Word

We hope now you get a clear picture regarding wordpress website cost. It was pretty straightforward. The cost entirely depends on your choice and preference. However, it varies on the websites’ category, which doesn’t create much difference.

When you plan to make a website, try to know different costs. Closely work on a fixed cost, variable cost, and maintenance cost. Try to make your budget depending on these aspects.

Frankly, you can be in charge of making your dream website if you want. But better get a professional, in this way you can avoid the mistakes and will be able to make the website more interesting.