Sending emails to your customers or clients helps build a long-term relationship with them. When you have a site, your server will have tons of emails generated for different purposes that are meant to be sent to your client’s email server. But if the emails go to spam, the whole purpose of sending emails gets ignored. And in most cases, it’s a common problem for website owners that most of their emails land in the recipient’s spam folder. 

If you are too facing this issue, you might be here to find a way of fixing this. But before that, let’s just be specific on why exactly WordPress emails are going to spam.

Why Your WordPress Emails Are Going to Spam

Reasons Why Your WordPress Emails Are Going To Spam

There are many people who use AI bots to send tons of automatically generated emails to recipients’ email addresses. Those Ai generated push emails just make the recipients agitated let alone make them interested in the purpose of the email. To relieve the email user from this agitation, most of the email servers like Gmail or Yahoo use filtering processes to prevent messages that are not useful and intended to spam recipients’ inboxes.

But sometimes, people who don’t intend to spam are also prevented by the recipient server and flagged as spam. There are many reasons why that might happen. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Sending Php Generated Emails

PHP is a programming language. It uses the wp_mail() function to send emails from a PHP server. Though the PHP server is not an optimized solution for sending emails, not just WordPress, most of the Ai bot uses the same function to package emails. That’s why whenever the recipient’s server detects an email sent by a PHP server, they flag it as spam. If your emails are going to spam while using the PHP function, probably that’s the main problem.

2. Not Sending Emails From Your Domain

One of the reasons your mail is landing in the junk folder is that the sender’s identity is not authorized. Email servers want to make sure that the email is sent from an authorized sender. Any exception takes the mail to the spam folder of the recipients. 

But when you use a plugin to send emails, the plug-in uses the front address of the plug-in instead of the sender’s identity. Since the email is sent from the website but doesn’t show the sender’s email, the recipient server’s spam filter will detect the email as spam.

3. Sending Emails From Banned Ip Addresses

Imagine you have done everything right but yet you found your emails in the junk folders. And that’s probably why your IP is already banned. This happens when you use shared hosting. In shared hosting, other partners may have sent a junked email to spam that gets detected and sent to spam. By doing that continuously, the recipient’s email server bans the IP address.

In addition, some hosting server is not compatible with PHP mailers. So whenever you send emails from such an IP address, your mail too goes into spam or ends up not sending the mail successfully.

4. Using Large Images or Attachments in Your Email

Sometimes the attachments or images you sent in your email can prevent it from landing in the general inbox of the recipients. Large files or attachments make your content seem spammy and increase the spam score of your mail.

These are the potential reasons for your WordPress emails to be spam.

How Can I Fix WordPress Emails Going to Spam?

Fixing the problem of emails going to spam involves a few simple and effective steps. Let’s discuss those-

Troubleshoot If The Emails Are Being Sent Or Not

Before you attempt to fix WordPress emails going to spam, you have to troubleshoot yourself to see if the emails are being sent from your website at all. To do that, there are plug-ins that will help you detect your spam email. Find such a plugin in WordPress and then run Check.

Ensure That You Have Set A Precise “From” Name For Your Site

Setting a From name in the correct format is necessary for sending the email to the recipients. The correct format suggests [email protected] So first change your website form name. Then go to the plug-ins (Setting>Mail Tab) you use as the mailer and change the From address.

Use SMTP Plugins

We have discussed earlier that PHP mailer is prevented by most email servers. That’s why to avoid a PHP mailer, you can use an SMTP plug-in which will use an SMTP server to send email instead of PHP. WordPress will then use the SMTP server as the default mailer. Thus you can fix your WordPress mail going to spam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell That Your Emails Are Going To Spam?

To check if your emails are going to spam or not you can choose several websites on the internet that provide free service to find your spammed email. Just visit one of those websites and provide your IP address. They will also show if your IP address is blacklisted. If so, tell your web host to move you to a different server.

Why Are My Receiving Emails Going To Spam When Everything Is fine?

Sometimes web mailers flag emails as spam when recipients don’t open the mail more often. That’s why making the subject line of the email engaging is more important to increase engagement. In addition, if you use keywords that trigger spam filters like additional income, low cost, and words that are ALL CAP can send your email to spam. So you may have done everything right but when you do these wrong, SPAM ALERT!


The problem with email deliverability is common for website owners. Thus the purpose of mailing which is maintaining customer relations gets distracted. But fixing this issue gets easier when you can detect the actual problem for which emails get detected as spam. That’s why we delineated both the problem that can cause emails to go to spam and the ways to fix it.

Hope you will find the solution helpful. Happy Mailing.