Vue.js developers are perhaps some of the most asked professionals in the software development industry. This is because Vue.js is easy to use and offers both worlds of React and Angular frameworks. But what is the Vue js developer salary?

Well, in the United States, the average annual salary of a Vue.js developer is about $121,919. This is when working full-time and not as a freelancer. However, this differs from one state to another and is based on your experience level.  

Now you might be curious to know, what about in other countries like the United Kingdom and India? In this guide, you can find everything you need to understand about Vue.js developer salary, job scopes, and even hiring.

Vue Js Developer Salary | Things that Determine

The salary of a Vue Js developer varies based on whether the job is full-time or freelance. But on average, you can earn up to $121,919 a year in the United States when working full time. This is equivalent to around $60 per hour and $10,159 per month.

However, if you are a freelance Vue Js developer, your salary may range from $15-$100 per hour. And for Vue.js developers on Upwork, the salary ranges from $19 and $35 hourly. This depends on your location, availability, and level of experience. With that said, below are other factors that affect the salary of Vue Js engineers.

Experience skill Level

If applying for an entry-level position, you may earn as low as $85,000 per year on average in the USA. And as a professional Vue.js developer with many years of experience, your annual salary may amount to $156,500 a year.

Different cities and states

Now, besides the skills level, Vue Js developer salary also differs based on different states across the United States. For instance, if working in Sunnyvale, California, you may earn a salary of up to $152,724 per year on the higher side.

On the other hand, the salary of a Vue.js engineer in Ventura, California is $123,559 per year on average. That’s a big difference right there, right? But you know what? In New York City, you can pocket an annual salary of around $139,544, working as a Vue engineer.

Individual country

The salary of a Vue Js developer in the USA is not the same as that in other countries like the UK, India, and Canada. For instance, the average salary of a Vue engineer in the United Kingdom per year is €52,500, and €70,000 on the higher side. This is equivalent to $53, 090 and $70,786 respectively. So, you will receive a higher salary in the United States than in the UK.

Below is a quick comparison table of Vue Js developers’ national average salaries in different countries.

Individual CountryNational Average Salary Per YearEntry Level Position SalarySenior Level Position Salary
United States$121,919$85,000$156,500
United Kingdom$53,090 (€52,500)$40,516 (€40,000)$70,903 (€70,000)
India$6,002 (₹4,79,614)$3,128 (₹2,50,000)$7,582 (₹6,06,000)

Vue Js Developer Job Scopes

One of the principal job scopes of Vue engineers is creating user-facing web applications using Vue.js. For example, apps like self-service customer portals, agent/broker portals, and claims management portals. Other job scopes include:

Writing codes

As a professional Vue.js developer, one of your job descriptions will be to write codes. These codes must be stable, modular, easy to maintain, and secure.

Diagnosing and fixing bugs

Additionally, it’s your job to diagnose software defects in both the new and existing Vue apps and then fix them. This is to ensure the apps are working efficiently.

Designing tests for codes

Besides writing codes, you must also create tests for all the codes you write yourself. You will also have to design tests for codes created by other full-stack software developers, web developers, and software engineers.

Proposing updates

While working as a Vue.js developer, part of your job scope will be to engineer necessary updates on Vue.js apps. You will also be required to watch out for security updates and if available, act thereupon.

Staying up-to-date with current advances

In addition, the job involves keeping up with the latest developments in both the Vue.js and JavaScript worlds.

Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Vue JS Developer

Before you hire a professional Vue.js developer, there are a couple of things to consider. Check them out.

Know the average salary worldwide

It can help big time to know how much a Vue Js developer earns across the globe before hiring one. This comes in handy when you are running your business on a tight budget.

Overall, Vue developer salary in the USA is relatively high compared to other countries worldwide. So, if you would like to hire the services of a US-based Vue Developer but cannot afford it, you can consider employing one remotely.

Type of hiring model

When hiring a Vue developer, you can use several models, including:

In the case of in-house hiring, businesses usually hire from local talent. Such a developer is usually a full-time permanent employee. Unfortunately, this model is pretty expensive because there are extra costs involved like hiring costs and other employee benefits.

Outsourcing is a relatively cheaper hiring model than in-house. This is because you will not incur hiring costs. Also, there are no employee benefits to worry about because the developer is contracted by a third party.

Lastly, there is the freelance hiring model, which is the cheapest of them all. Because the hourly rate for Vue.js developers on sites like Upwork ranges from $19 to $35. You just need to pay a commission to Upwork and nothing more.


In a country like India and Ukraine, it is cheaper to hire a Vue Js developer from there than from the United States. Because the average salary of a Vue developer in India is $6,002 and $42,000 in Ukraine. On the other hand, a Vue developer’s salary in the USA is $129,919.

Now, you should know that developers in Ukraine and India have as many good hard skills as those in the USA. In fact, Ukraine developers rank higher than their US counterparts, and India follows very closely.

How To Increase Salary As A Vue Js Developer?

Below are tips to help you maximize your Vue.js developer salary, whether working in an entry-level or senior position.

Learn more skills

Improving your Vue development skills can help you increase your salary. This is because you can accomplish more tasks than before, allowing you to offer more value to your employer.

Always stay updated

Technology keeps getting outdated. So, you must stay updated with new technologies coming into the market every day.

Switch companies

Moving to new companies can also help increase your salary as a Vue developer. A more established business is more likely to offer better pay than a small or medium-sized company.

Take more responsibilities

Performing more responsibilities is a solid base for a salary increase. So, if you can, you should not be afraid to take on more responsibilities.

Move to a new country or city

If working in New York city, you could move to California, which pays its Vue developers better than most states. But if working as a developer in the UK, you could move to a country like the USA.

Cultivate a consistent performance

Once you get the job as a Vue Js developer, you should maintain consistent performance. It is easier to negotiate a salary increase based on your excellent performance.

Build credibility

There are many ways to build credibility apart from practicing professionalism. For instance, you can create a professional website, create a project portfolio, or be consistent in your rates.

How Much Does A Vue Js Developer Earn?

The national average salary of a Vue Js Developer worldwide ranges between $6,002 and $121,919 per year. This varies from one country to another. And depending on the experience level of the developer, the salary can be lower or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having said that, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Vue Js developer salary.

Vue Js Developer Salary UK?

A Vue developer in the United Kingdom can make €52,500 per year on average. This translates to only $53,090. However, if working in a senior-level position, the salary estimate is around €70,000 ($70,903). Entry-level positions salary, on the other hand, start at €40,000 ($40,516).

Where To Get High Salary Job As A Vue Js Developer

Overall, you will get a high-salary job as a Vue.js developer working in Australia and the United States. The average Vue developer salary in the USA is $129,919 and $133,333 in Australia. This is relatively higher than in countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, and India.

Vue Js Developer Salary US?

The salary ranges between $85,000 on the lower side and $156,000 on the higher margin. On average, a Vue developer’s salary in the USA is approximately $121,919 but varies from state to state.

Vue Js Developer Salary In India?

A Vue developer in India can earn up to $6,002 (₹4,79,614) per year on average. If you have more working experience, you can make $7,582 (₹6,06,000) per year. The salary in the entry-level position, on the other hand, is only $3,128 (₹2,50,000).

Final Thoughts

Vue Js developer salary is not constant as it keeps changing every year. However, the average Vue js developer salary in the United States is around $121,919 a year, which is relatively high. This is compared to most countries in Europe and Asia, like Ukraine and India.

Unfortunately, even with the massive salary differences in most countries, Vue Js job scopes remain the same. Luckily, if working as a developer, you can maximize your salary by gaining more qualifications and taking up more responsibilities.

On the other hand, if looking to hire a Vue developer, there are several things to keep in mind before employing one. For instance, you have to determine which hiring model to use, especially if you are working on a budget.