When you set up a Shopify store, your first focus is naturally on designing and creating your online shop. But what about adding the popular ‘Shop Now’ button to your product pages? This can help boost sales and increase customer engagement. If you are a Shopify store owner and have questions regarding how to add Shop Now button in your Shopify store, this blog post is for you.

How to Add Shop Now Button in Your Shopify Store

How To Add A Shop Now Button In Your Shopify Store

Using a Shop Now button, you can instruct your customers with an easy-to-follow shopping flow to complete their purchases. To do this, you can use the Shop Now button on all of your pages of the Shopify store. Wherever in your Shopify store you want to use the Shop Now button, there are mainly three ways to do it. Let’s explore them to understand more.

Method 1: Shopify Admin Panel

As an admin of your Shopify store, you can control all the functionalities inside the admin panel, including the store settings. You’ll be happy to know, Shopify officially has the option to add a button for purchasing your products. However, the button will be represented as a ‘Buy’ button instead of ‘Shop Now’. Though that’s not exactly what you wanted, you can count on it enough to run the business of your Shopify store.

1. Make A Buy Button

Because of being already a shop owner, you must have been familiar with the control panel of Shopify admin. To create a buy button from the Shopify admin panel, you need to find the ‘Sales channels’ menu.

  • On the right side of the ‘Sales channels’ menu, you’ll see a ‘+’ (plus) button, and you should click on it.
  • After that, you’ll see a list of sales channels. Scroll down until you get a channel named ‘Buy Button’.
  • Now, press the add option on the right of this channel option, and the buy option channel will be added to your ‘Sales channel menu’.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Buy Button’ menu from the menu list and press on the ‘Create buy button’ option on the screen to make your Shop Now or Buy button.

You can use a Buy Button for either a single product or a collection. When you’ve clicked on the ‘Create a Buy Button’ option, you’ll get two options next. Here, you can select ‘Product Buy Button’ for a single product and ‘Collection Buy Button’ for a collection of your products. 

After creation, you can use this buy button anywhere in your store, like on pages or near products or collections. Besides, you can simply copy the code of the buy button from there and use the code on your webpage or store to add the button. Only remember that you cannot change your buy button after implementing it in a webpage or blog.

In that case, you need to create a buy button again using different customizations and copy the code again for a new buy button. Another point to be noted is if you don’t have an activated Shopify payment, you’ll be charged a specific amount for selling your every product using the buy button.

2. Customize Your Buy Button

When creating a buy button in Shopify admin, you’ll get several options to customize it. Using these options or features, you get to control the overall appearance of your buy button. This includes its color, size, font, post-click function, and a new checkout window option. At the time of customization, you can continuously preview your buy button and test it. This way, you can also understand how it behaves in a real situation.


You’ll find three different layout styles for your buy button. These are:

  • Basic: This option doesn’t add any additional visualization to your buy button. When you have already shown your picture on your webpage or near the product name, you can use this layout just to show the buy option with the product.
  • Classic: In case you don’t want to show everything related to your product and just want to show an overview of the product, use this layout. In this layout, the button will come up with a product image and the price with it. Usually, this buy button layout is suitable for a blog post.
  • Full view: Here, the layout will show an image of the product, its price, and the description. In fact, you can visualize the overall product details using this layout.

You can select three types of actions for your Shopify buy button. These actions decide where your customers will go after clicking on the Buy Button. In case you’ve set the buy button for your product collection, clicking on it will take action for all products within the collection.

  • Add product to the cart: If you select this action, customers will be able to add products to the cart and continue shopping. The cart will remain stocked for final checkout. So, this is best for the situation when a customer scrolls through product lists to choose multiple products.
  • Direct to checkout: This action will bring customers directly to the checkout page, so they won’t be able to add other products at once. For this reason, you can use this action for single product pages where customers want to purchase the product directly.
  • Open product details: When you select this action, customers will see a ‘View details’ button in place of the buy button. After clicking that button, the webpage for that single product will be opened. Since the ‘Full view’ layout directly represents the product details, you won’t be able to use that layout here. If your product has multiple images and many things to describe, you can use this action.

To customize the buy button appearance, you’ll find multiple options where you can make your own unique buy button. Play with the customizable features of the buy button to get the best out of it.

  • Button style: Here, you can choose the shape, type, design, color, and look of your buy button.
  • Layout: You already know about the layout options. Now, you need to select any of the basic, classic, and full-view layouts.
  • Shopping cart: In this section, you can customize the design of your shopping cart. Besides, you can set the label for the ‘Order Note’ of your products. This part can help you get notes from the customers about the special requirements and delivery demands. This way, the shipping of your products becomes more convenient. Not to mention, you can also add an ‘Additional information’ field to communicate with your customers using messages.
  • Detailed pop-up: This setting is available when you’ve selected the ‘Open product details’ action. Here, you can set the color and text as well as the labeling of the pop-up window. However, you won’t find this option here if your layout is selected as ‘Full view’.

Method 2: HTML Block

Adding a Shop Now button can be done by utilizing HTML blocks. The HTML block is an element that allows you to add a link to the page, and it will display the link when the visitor hovers over it. To implement the Shop Now button using it, follow the below process:

1. Go to the Shopify admin panel.

2. Then, go to the left sidebar and click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

3. Click on ‘Appearance’ and then select ‘HTML Block.’

4. In the HTML block editor, add the following code: <div class=”shop-now”><a href=”https://www.yourstorename.com/”>Shop Now</a> </div> <div class=”shop-now”><a href=”https://www.yourstorename.com/20off”>20% Off</a></div> <div class=”shop-now”><a href=”https://www.yourstorename.com/free-shipping”>Free Shipping</a></div>

5. Now, this will display ‘Shop Now’ on your site, which works well if you want people to click through directly to the product page. Anyway, you need to use the same code if you’re going to use Shop Now on different pages.

Method 3: Better Sticky Button

The Better Sticky Button is a premium Shopify app that provides you with the ability to add a button that will show up as ‘Add to Cart’ on your shop’s homepage. The button is fully customizable and can be used to sell products from your eCommerce store. Not only that, the Better Sticky Button works as a plugin on WordPress that allows you to create a Shopify-specific button on your website. The button will not only allow visitors to add items to their shopping carts, but it also allows them to checkout and complete their orders.

To install and use the Better Sticky Button on your Shopify store, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to the Shopify app store tab in your Shopify account.

2) Search for the Better Sticky Button app and click Add app.

3) Open it from the apps list and fill in the required credentials. You may need to register for a free trial for seven days.

4) Now, the Better Sticky app is integrated with your Shopify store system, and you can select it from the channels list.

5) Go to the Sales channels and find the Better Sticky Button. Click to Add and start working from the newly included menu.

6) Now that you have set it as a menu, you can start making your own Shop Now button inside this app!

How Do I Change The Shop Now Button On Shopify?

If you’re using a Shopify theme that doesn’t have customizable header images and buttons, then the Shop Now button will display whatever text you’ve entered in ‘Text for Shop Now’. For example, if you’ve entered ‘Buy This Product’ as the text for Shop Now on your store’s header image, then the button will display ‘Buy This Product’. Anyway, you can change this text anytime by clicking on the ‘Edit Text’ button next to the ‘Shop Now Button’ field in your Settings -> Designs tab.

When you want a visual cue that indicates that someone is viewing this page from within your shop, you can use CSS stylesheets to create a distinct look for each page. But, if you are using the official Shopify Buy Now button for the Shop Now option, you can simply edit the text from the Buy button menu. Besides, you can choose the font or size of the text on the settings here.

Wrapping Up

For easier navigation, you must add the Shop Now button in your Shopify store. The Shop Now button lets users click on the product right away and go to checkout. It will help reduce the bounce rates of customers and also increase the total number of sales in your store. If it’s possible, we suggest that you add a Shopify Buy button on your blog or website too.